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Since 2013 I have helped numerous American companies develop their products. My priority is building a positive community with top-quality specialists. We do business exclusively with American clients to focus on achieving perfect mutual understanding. We give strenuous effort to be the best, and we never settle for anything less than excellence. My experience and professional success are proof that MasterBorn will help your solutions achieve global recognition.COO MasterBorn
Radek Paklikowski

MasterBorn Team

Core Values

Core values


Bravery in creating better future for our customers and their product


Setting new directions for development and finding new solutions


Working with full involvement, never settle and still learning


Using of the best practices and cooperate with our customers


Our mission is what leads us along our path

  • We want to deliver happiness
  • We want to inspire to create something revolutionary
  • We want to achieve a new level of expertise


Prominence in the IT world by spreading the strength of MasterBorn

  • Dream big and focus on success
  • Deliver an exceptional experience
  • Accelerate your company

Why MasterBorn?

Extremely skilled JS specialists who use a modern technology stack and demand the cleanest possible code. Our practices mean that the code we write at every step of production to deliver the final effect creates a reliable and efficient product for our customers. We understand the constantly changing nature of business needs and adapt to evolving market conditions to deliver premium quality services.

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