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Gray Skinner
Gray Skinner, CEO

I build top preforming teams to achieve ambitious goals for U.S. based companies.

Passionately Dedicated to Creating Effective, High Performing Teams.

My unique trajectory as an In-house Attorney, Chief of Staff, COO, CEO, and now as an Owner/CEO of MasterBorn allows me to see my client’s needs from all sides. My passion has always been for building high preforming teams. My ultimate goal is to take my clients projects to the next level by delivering the highest quality work on time with impeccable communication.

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OUR Values

The core of our company

Understanding ourselves, how we work best, our strengths, our shortcomings, and how our communication style is perceived by others. We aspire to be in good mental health and maintain a positive outlook on life.

Sense of belonging
Sense of belonging

The sense of belonging to a greater community improves our motivation, health, and happiness. When you see your connection with others you feel comfortable with solving problems and you have support from them.


Honesty sharpens our perception and allows us to observe everything around us with clarity. Honesty engenders confidence, trust, empowers our willpower and improves our well being.


We believe that freedom gives us a sense of professional fulfillment in order to achieve our own personal ambitions and goals.


By balance we mean harmonizing work with other aspects of life. We believe that high quality work starts at home.

MasterBorn Team

Our master team is your company's secret weapon

Since 2013, I have helped numerous American companies develop their products. My priority is building a positive community with top-quality specialists. Prominent American investors have trusted me to develop their ideas and build teams to execute their vision.Radek PaklikowskiCOO MasterBorn


We want to take over the IT world and spread MasterBorn’s strength.

tickTackle ambitious goals

tickDeliver an exceptional experience

tickTake our clients to the next level


Our guiding principles that unite our team and enable us to deliver results to our clients.

tickWe want to deliver happiness

tickWe want to inspire to create something revolutionary

tickWe want to create a new level of expertise


People that believe in us

Matt Abrams

General Partner

Matt is a General Partner with Seven Peaks Ventures with primary focus areas and expertise in: Enterprise Data & Analytics, Artificial (AI) & Machine Intelligence, and Information + Data Trust, Integrity, Ethics and Security.
He also focuses heavily on Augmented Reality (AR), Blockchain and Quantum technologies and spends a significant amount of time within the healthcare sector. See more.

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