Why Your Company Values (might) Stink

What are company core values? How to identify them and why are they so incredibly important?

Gray Skinner

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Published at: 4/19/2021

Why Your Company Values (might) Stink

What are company core values? How to identify them and why are they so incredibly important?

Gray Skinner

Published at: 4/12/2021

TypeScript vs JavaScript: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between TypeScript and JavaScript? And when is it right to migrate to TypeScript, or maybe… the other way around?

Przemysław Królik

Published at: 4/2/2021

Serverless Computing - 5 pitfalls to avoid in your project

The top 5 pitfalls of Serverless Computing and how to overcome them. Learn how to avoid problems with Microservices, Timeouts, Vendor Lock, Cold start and Running dry database connections.

Przemysław Królik

Published at: 3/26/2021

How to Become a JavaScript Developer? From Welder to Frontend Developer - INTERVIEW

Read an Interview with Lukas, who after years of working as a welder, became a self-taught Front-end Developer.

Łukasz Tucholski

Published at: 3/22/2021

Why use Node.js? 9 examples of successful Node.js apps

Why use Node.js? Let the examples of Node.js apps speak for themselves: discover Uber, Figma, SpaceX, Slack, Netflix and more!

Małgorzata Galińska

Published at: 3/5/2021

Refactoring vs. Rewrite - Which is a Better Option ?

Refactoring vs. Rewrite. When to Refactor or Rewrite Your Code? What factors should you consider before the final decision?

Przemysław Królik

Published at: 3/2/2021

CTO myths debunked: Interview with Masterborn’s CTO Przemysław Królik

What is a CTO and what are the most popular myths about the role of a CTO? Read the Interview with MasterBorn's CTO Przemek Królik

Przemysław Królik

Published at: 2/22/2021

Separation of concerns in modern React apps - key principles and examples

Building React apps, ever wondered where to put that "thing", and how to name it?

Rafał Świętek

Published at: 2/15/2021

Top 11 technology trends and concepts to follow in 2021

COVID19 has redefined pretty much everything we took for granted before 2020, and prompted the emergence or advancement of certain phenomena, technologies or concepts. We know it's hard to keep up with the technology trends at the pace at which it's morphing and evolving.

Małgorzata Galińska

Published at: 2/8/2021

Signal, DuckDuckGo, Brave and other TOP privacy apps for 2021

We all love to use tech products like messaging apps, email apps, and search engines. But this comfort comes at a price. Tech giants like Facebook and Google, which own the most popular communication tools in the world, are in the business of user data. Scandals like Cambridge Analytica made that painfully clear.

Małgorzata Galińska

Published at: 1/19/2021

14 disruptive U.S.-based startups to watch in 2021

When it comes to startups and innovative tech, the United States is way more than just Silicon Valley today. The country is full of tech hubs that give birth to countless exciting startups.

Małgorzata Galińska

Published at: 12/22/2020

Why your startup doesn’t need a CTO

I know it’s a bold statement, but I don’t believe every company needs a CTO in the very beginning.

Gray Skinner

Published at: 11/26/2020

Front-end, Back-end, DevOps vs Full-stack: A Developers’ Guide for Founders and CEOs

The market demand for developers is growing. Plenty of companies are looking to hire a new developer for a project or their team. At the same time, the technology industry is becoming increasingly complex and developers are getting specialized in many disparate areas.

Małgorzata Galińska

Published at: 11/26/2020

Front-end, Back-end, DevOps vs Full-stack – krótki przewodnik dla założycieli i CEO

Piętnaście, dwadzieścia lat temu do polskich firm nagminnie zatrudniano Informatyków, czyli speców "od wszystkiego". Pięć, dziesięć lat temu poszukiwani byli Programiści danej technologii, a słowo Informatyk stało się symbolem minionej ery (i synonimem lekkiego obciachu). Obecnie branża IT stała się bardzo złożona, a Developerzy coraz częściej specjalizują się w dość wąskich dziedzinach, przez co nazwy ich stanowisk bywają często niezrozumiałe dla managementu i biznesu.

Małgorzata Galińska

Published at: 11/9/2020

6 Tips on How NOT to Build a Minimum Viable Product – for CEOs and Founders

At MasterBorn, we are obsessed with improving the process of software development. For most companies and teams, this begins with creating and defining an MVP. We have built a lot of MVPs and I wanted to share some insights and best practices we have learned thus far, sometimes the hard way.

Gray Skinner

Published at: 11/9/2020

Jak NIE budować MVP - 6 porad dla CEO i Founderów

W MasterBorn ulepszanie procesu tworzenia oprogramowania stało się naszą firmową “obsesją”. W przypadku większości firm i zespołów proces ten zaczyna się od utworzenia i zdefiniowania MVP. W tym artykule chciałbym się podzielić spostrzeżeniami i najlepszymi praktykami, których nauczyliśmy się tworząc MVP dla naszych amerykańskich Klientów.

Gray Skinner

Published at: 5/25/2020

Creating JAMstack website with dynamic generated content from remote markdown files

In this article, we will guide you how you can take a use of open source ockam-webiste repository, and create Gatsby JAMstack website with Terraform, Azure Cloud and Azure Pipelines

Piotr Sobieszczański & Łukasz Miedziński

Published at: 5/20/2020

Feedback- krytykować czy challengować

W ostatnim czasie dużo można zauważyć artykułów, opinii, podcastów na temat prawdziwości i skuteczności informacji zwrotnej. Pada wiele pytań po co feedback, jaki on powinien być, w czym on nam tak naprawdę pomoże

Adrianna Wojewoda

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